People Have Gone Off Like A Cut Snake Over Rumours That Leo DiCaprio Is Dating A 19YO Model

leo dicaprio rumoured teen girlfriend eden polani

We regret to inform you that Leo DiCaprio is at it again. And by “it” we mean “dating someone under 25 despite being old enough to be their father”. This time it’s rumoured he’s romancing (ugh) a 19-year-old model by the name of Eden Polani.

Per Page Six, whispers began to circulate about the 48-year-old actor and the model — who I must again stress is 19 — after they were spotted sitting next to each other at an album launch in Los Angeles.

Sir, this woman wasn’t even alive when Titanic came out.

Although a source close to DiCaprio told Page Six the two were not romantically linked and were merely just sitting next to each other at the gig, people were quick to slam the actor online for the massive (29-year) age gap between himself and the teen model.

“There is zero truth to this,” the source said.

“He was seated next to [Polani] at a music party, along with many other people. It’s just silly. Leo clearly can’t be dating every single person that [he’s] in a room with.”

Meanwhile, others have put the rumoured romance into perspective by sharing onscreen father-daughter-vibe duos like Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey and David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown. It’s a real eye-opener, I tell you what.

Others couldn’t pass up the perfect opportunity to crack bulk jokes about Leo DiCaprio and his supposedly not-girlfriend.

My God the jokes were ripe for the picking with this one.

DiCaprio has previously been linked to a range of women in their early-to-mid 20s, including Gigi Hadid who was 27 (basically a geriatric!) when they were rumoured to be dating in late 2022.

He was then spotted getting dinner with a 23-year-old model in December just months after he split with his girlfriend of four years Camilla Morrone. They broke up just after her 25th birthday which means they likely started dating when she was 21 and he was 43.

No matter which way you look at it, the repeated behaviour here gives a major ick.