A Model Has Straight Up Called Leonardo DiCaprio A Bad Kisser After Alleged Club Pash

In a massive blow to the reputation of Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, the acclaimed actor has received an underwhelming review for one of his most recent performances. No, no, we aren’t referring to his acting in the recent film Killers Of The Flower Moon — we’re talking about his tongue-tango game.

This just in: Leo might be a shit kisser.

The spicy news dropped in a Page Six interview with Playboy model Hieke Konings, who claimed that DiCaprio’s kissing skills left her feeling a little unimpressed.

The 22-year-old model — yes, yes, I’ll let you make the jokes yourself about her being under 25 — shared with the publication that she allegedly had a cheeky pash with the 49 Y.O movie star in a secret club in Los Angeles.

Source: @hieke_konings Instagram.

“I saw him sitting there in his black hoodie and black cap, and we made eye contact,” Konings claimed.

The model then alleged that Leo asked her to sit with him, where she “flirted with him too”, which resulted in a bit of cheeky tongue action.

Even spicier is the allegation from Konings that after she and Titanic‘s Jack macked on, he asked her to go home with him, which she declined.

“We kissed for a while, and then he asked me to come home with him. I said no,” she stated.

“He reacted very shocked. Of course he wasn’t used to it. When I said I didn’t know him well enough, he responded sweetly, ‘I respect that.’”

After rejecting Leonardo DiCaprio, Konings said she pursued another partner that night by the name of Ronald McDonald; saying that after leaving the secret LA club she grabbed some fast-food and went home.

However, Konings’ most gossipy drop by far was that DiCarpio’s kissing skills were “definitely not the best”.

So there you have it. Leo’s a shit kisser.

Or is he?

It should be noted that no timeline of this recount was provided by Konings or the publication. Additionally it has been scrutinised by a source close to Leo who says it is merely “an amalgamation of other false stories”.

The model has been called out for “chasing clicks” after sharing this mediocre kiss review, however she maintains that she is telling the truth.

This is where it becomes hard as a journalist to objectively tell the truth.

Because personally — shocking as it may be — I haven’t kissed Leonardo DiCaprio.

And for that dear reader, I apologise.

I think there’s really only one way for us as a society to go about solving this issue, and that’s by having an objective “Kissing Sommelier” launch an independent inquiry into the quality of DiCaprio’s snogging.

There’s no shame in being a good or bad kisser, everyone is only capable of working with what they’ve got. It’s the varying reviews that are problematic.

Which is why need consistent quality control of the market. Otherwise the world will just descend into chaos.

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently dating model Vittoria Ceretti (who will turn 25 on June 7 this year).