Steph Claire Smith Revealed She Ghosted Leo DiCaprio When She Was 19 & Take That Old Man

Aussie influencer turned podcaster Steph Miller, formerly known as Steph Claire Smith, has claimed that A-list actor and age gap enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio asked her out on a date when she was 19 years old.

Speaking on her podcast KICPOD with her co-host Laura Henshaw last week, Steph recalled how she was out clubbing in Los Angeles when she spotted the actor.

“I was dancing on my own for most of the night, and I noticed someone looking at me and I realised this guy is wearing one of those hats, like those English hats and I was like, he kinda looks like Leonardo DiCaprio,” she explained.

This might be my own personal hang up but I don’t trust men in clubs wearing hats. Especially “those English hats” whatever the fuck that means.

@steph_claire_smith Flashback to 2013 😝 Meeting #leonardodicaprio ♬ original sound – Steph Claire Smith

“Then my friend came over and was like, “Steph, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is here,” and I was like “Wow it is him!”,’ she said.

After moving on to the next club, they spotted the Romeo + Juliet star again. This time, he sent one of his henchmen to talk to her.

“This person that was with him weaved themselves through the crowd and was like, ‘Do you want to meet Leo?’ Abso-f***ing-lutely I do!

“So we went over, he did the whole French double kiss on the cheek. [He asked] ‘How long are you in town?’ and we had that kind of chatter for honestly like 60 seconds and then he was like, “Can I grab your number, I would love to take you out for dinner to some of the nicest restaurants around here,” she said.

Steph went on to explain that she’d just started dating her now husband Josh Miller and was so into him that she didn’t want to do anything to fuck it up.

Aww! Love isn’t dead!

If you can survive your girl being hit on by DiCaprio, you can do anything. (Image Credit: Instagram / Stephanie Miller @stephclairesmith)

In typical tipsy night-out fashion, her drunk mate decided to give Leo their number anyway.

“He then messaged us and said, ‘This is Leo, this is the number you can contact me on’,” she recalled.

But instead of taking old mate (emphasis on the old) up on his offer to go out to dinner, she left him on read, telling her co-host that she “never replied” to his message. Then, she called her mum, aunty, and BF to tell them the tea.


I’m so impressed that the Kic co-founder managed to keep this a secret for 10 whole years. If ghosted L-Dogs DiCaprio, I’d be screaming it from the rooftops.

That’s a flex, go off sis.