Aaaaaand that’s a wrap on another batshit season of Bachelor In Paradise. I’d actually go as far as saying that it was the most batshit one yet, and we have one man to thank for that: Ciarran Stott (well, we have a few, but his storyline was, perhaps, the spiciest).

So you already know all the tea that went down on the show, but what happened next?

Well, the latest spice-filled ep of reality TV podcast So Dramatic! features two of Ciarran’s exes, Kiki Morris and Renee Barrett spilling all kinds of tea and it’s spicy as hell.

Here, we’ve compiled all the juiciest bits from their interview – Ya ready?


Kiki’s tea

Item #1: Apparently Ciarran started texting Bachelor star Tenille Favios.

Kiki says that after leaving Paradise, the pair got off to a great start, with Ciarran immediately moving from Darwin into her Sydney apartment. Heck, he even got a tattoo with her name on his wrist within a fortnight.


“Everything was great, until it wasn’t … and then it was terrible,” Kiki told host Megan Pustetto, explaining that after spending a lit New Year’s together with their other Bachie mates, “something kind of happened”.

Kiki claimed that Tenille Favios, who you’ll remember from Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor, had been messaging Ciarran on Insta and turned up to the party they were at, which Kiki found heaps suss, so she confronted Ciarran about it.

Kiki & Renee Just Spilled An Avalanche Of Tea About Ciarran & His Post-Paradise Fuckboi Antics

Tenille starred in the 2018 season of The Bachelor. (Credit: Ten)

“It turned into this huge argument – obviously we’ve seen what Ciarran’s like when he gets backed into a corner … he just went ballistic in my house, shouting, ‘I’m effing leaving, I’m effing going, if you don’t trust me, you’re never going to trust me, why would I stay here?’” she said.

Item #2: He fucken’ ghosted her.

But they patched things up (sort of) and went on a trip to Townsville, but Kiki said she felt like she was “walking on eggshells” and upon returning home, shit hit the fan.

“I went to the gym, and when I got home – all his stuff was packed at my back door, and he drove straight to Melbourne,” she said.

Kiki & Renee Just Spilled An Avalanche Of Tea About Ciarran & His Post-Paradise Fuckboi Antics

Kiki and Ciarran during this season of BIP.

“He used his fake tears, that ‘I’m so sorry, you deserve better’ bullshit, saying, ‘I need to work on myself, I can’t give you everything you deserve, there’s something wrong with me.’”

She added, “Then he went on a five-day fuckfest with God knows who” and after that, she “never heard from him again.”

Item #3: She was essentially left homeless.

The timing couldn’t have been any bloody worse for her and because they’d both been househunting together, she was pretty much left “homeless.”

“He basically left me homeless, because I’d already put in notice on my apartment,” Kiki said.

“My housemate had moved out, the place we were looking to move into I couldn’t afford on my own – and he just up and left.”

Item #4: Yep, they did get together prior to Paradise.

It had long been rumoured that Ciarran and Kiki had gotten together pre-Paradise and made a deal to hook up once they were on the inside.

Kiki not only reveals that this rumour was true, but she also claims that the pair made a pact to get together on the inside.

“He left my house for the airport at like 5am to fly out to Paradise, and sent me this big, longwinded romantic text, like, ‘I’ve had a great weekend, I knew you and I were going to hit it off, can’t wait for you to get to Paradise, it’s going to be me and you babe,’” she revealed.

“I come in [to Paradise] with my date card, and I can sense something weird because he’s off at the bar with Jess Brody, and everyone else comes up to say hi to me, and he’s looking like he’s just seen a ghost,” Kiki said.

Item #5: He lied about getting with Jess Brody.

As we saw, Ciarran quickly paired up with Jess and spent almost every night in her bula. But during their overnight date, a producer inadvertently spilled the tea.

You see, couples on the show must give consent on camera before banging, which he already knew (as previously revealed by Abbie Chatfield).

“We had the option to camp together, and I think the producer stitched him up on purpose. She said, ‘OK guys, you’re going to need to give consent if you’re sharing a bed, Ciarran – you’ve given consent before, you know the drill, I’ll get you to go first,’” Kiki said.

Kiki & Renee Just Spilled An Avalanche Of Tea About Ciarran & His Post-Paradise Fuckboi Antics

Jess with Ciarran (lol, same, doll).

When she confronted him about it, he insisted that he only kissed Jess then fell asleep next to her.

“I had no idea (they’d actually slept together), he didn’t tell me – I don’t think he had any intention of telling me,” Kiki said.

Item #6: Ciarran was texting Kiki, Renee AND Tenille at the same time.

Kiki talks us through the wild timeline and it’s revealed that Ciarran was chatting to all three gals at the same time.

“He told me he hadn’t had a girlfriend or been with anyone since the end of The Bachelorette,” Kiki said, before revealing that he went from being with Renee, to heading to Ten for an interview, to then going to meet Kiki for drinks. Busy boy.

Item #7: Tenille Favios knew that Ciarran was dating Kiki.

She also claimed that Tenille was well aware that she and Ciarran were moving in together and had the Paradise pact but she still got with him anyway.

“I don’t know where peoples’ morals are at these days,” she said.

Renee’s tea

At that point, the host patches in Renee to give her side of the story, and she corroborates Kiki’s claim that Ciarran was talking to both of them at the same time (ugh).

Item #8: Renee hasn’t spoken to Ciarran since the show began airing.

The theme of ghosting presents itself once again as Renee claims that Ciarran unfollowed her after the show ended and they haven’t spoken since.

Item #9: Apparently Tully Smyth went through the same thing.

Renee revealed that after noticing Big Brother star Tully Smyth defending Ciarran on social media, Alisha Aitken Radburn had words with her.

“Alisha had had enough of it and she had a conversation with her through DMs and I’ve heard that she semi went through the same thing [Kiki] and I did, just got ridiculous excuses about how he couldn’t be with somebody, and I’m not sure what she went through there, but I’m guessing it’s the same thing,” Renee said, to which Kiki added, “Another one of his Oscar-winning performances, no doubt.”

Kiki & Renee Just Spilled An Avalanche Of Tea About Ciarran & His Post-Paradise Fuckboi Antics

Ciarran with Tully. (Credit: Instagram)

Item #10: Matt Whyatt dumped Renee via text.

Renee went on to reveal that Matt dumped her post-Paradise in a text message.

“We had to make things work in the outside world and, unfortunately, it wasn’t working,” she said, adding that the breakup text “wasn’t great,” but she’s had worse.

Despite all the Ciarran BS, the girls wished him well, with Renee saying that she just hopes “the next person he’s with, he shows a lot more respect than he showed Kiki and I.”

Have a listen to the whole thing here. It’s wiiiild.