Abbie Chatfield Says Bachelor In Paradise’s Sex Policy Stopped Her From Doing It With Ciarran

The brand new season of Bachelor In Paradise has just kicked off and the drama is already at an all-time high. But it’s not just the tea spilled in the eps that’s hella spicy, there’s also a bunch of tea that’s been spilled in the real world by evicted contestant Abbie Chatfield.

Our Gemini queen appeared on the brand new So Dramatic! Podcast where she unleashed on both the show and some fascinating deets about her personal life.

First up, she revealed that the Bachie consent policy stopped her from getting it on with Ciarran Stott.

She began by discussing what went down with cheeky boi Ciarran during those racy scenes.

“There was a little touchy feely but it was like a hand on a hip,” she clarified. “Here’s the thing, there was a bit of an inner-thigh touch but that’s all there was.” She added that the pair did “nothing exciting.”

At that point, the Bachie producers knocked on the door to remind them of the aforementioned policy.

You see, if the producers notice two contestants getting close to banging, they literally have to interrupt and ask them to consent before they go ahead with it.

How the heck does that work? Well, Abbie would literally have to record a video message saying, “I give consent to having sex with Ciarran Stott.”

Abbie said this forced her to pause and think about whether or not she actually wanted to do it with Ciarran in that moment and in the end, she declined, so Ciarran left (she then joked that he probably went to another girl’s room next).

She went on to reveal that she brought a vibrator onto the island with her, presumably in case none of the men were up to her satisfaction.

When the host discussed Love Island’s policy of not being allowed to masturbate, Abbie said: “Can you imagine not masturbating?”

She revealed that when her roommate Brittany was in the shower, she would “go ahead and masturbate.” She then said that if she wasn’t allowed to masturbate, much like the Love Island cast, she would hundo back out of the show.

“On The Bachelor, we would go ‘I’m just gonna have a little nap, guys’”, she recalled from her time on Matt Agnew’s season of Bachie.

“I would go and masturbate in the afternoons but the showers we had in the Bachelor mansion were all glass so you would see if someone was rubbing one out.”

She concluded, “By the end I’d say, ‘I’m gonna go and cum’”. Hell yeah, queen.

This is just the tip of the spicy iceberg in this interview – I highly recommend that you hit up the epic new podcast and have a listen to all the BTS goss that Abbie Chatfield unveiled.