Ciarran Stott Says He’s Committed To Maturing After Watching Himself On Paradise & Sure, OK

Ciarran Stott

Ciarran Stott has opened up about his time on Bachelor in Paradise and it went as well as you would expect it to. And by that I mean Ciarran is sort of, maybe sorry for his behaviour… but he didn’t explicitly say that.

Ciarran hasn’t done a lot of press since Paradise kicked off on TV. There was that interview with Manchester Evening News before the series aired, in which Ciarran accurately predicted himself going from “the sweetheart of Australia to the bad boy of Australia”.

On social media, it’s much of the same thing. Ciarran has been working on his personal brand and occasionally sharing cryptic captions that may or may not be about his time on BIP

Exhibit A:

Anywho, Ciarran chatted to Fifi, Fev & Byron on Fox FM this morning about the whole mess.

Over the course of the Meet the Parents episode and its aftermath, Ciarran was confronted with his behaviour on the show. He was asked about his history with Abbie Chatfield, his ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett, and his relationship with Jessica Brody. He was also asked why his BIP girlfriend at the time, Kiki Morris, learned about most of this from other people.

In the end, Ciarran said he’d had enough of Paradise, swore he’d never speak to any of the other contestants ever again, and told Kiki that he was falling in love with her.

So the pair left Paradise to see if things could work on the outside.

Channel 10 let us know within seconds that it didn’t.

Chatting to Fifi BoxBrendan Fevola, and Byron Cooke, Ciarran opened up about his behaviour on the show and what happened with Kiki.

Turns out Ciarran stopped watching the show pretty early on. I mean, he knew his behaviour wasn’t great.

“Looking back on it, it’s a bit difficult to watch, I didn’t watch all of it,” he said.

“The actions that I did, I have learned from it, and people do need to remember that this show doesn’t define who I am as a person. I did make mistakes on it, but I’m 26 and I’m still learning and maturing.”


Ciarran said that when he left Paradise with Kiki, he headed to Sydney to be with her.

“Moved in pretty quickly, it all went straight into the deep end really,” he said.

“Then after New Year’s, it just – I don’t know – fizzled out a bit and that was it.

“She didn’t do anything wrong, it just didn’t work and I moved to Melbourne,” he said.

Kiki has confirmed on Instagram that the former couple gave things a go for two months, but it just didn’t work out.

As for all that bullshit about the ‘Bro Code’, Ciarran said we didn’t see the whole story there.

He said Matt Whyatt actually pulled him aside at the Bula Banquet after his date with Renee because he wanted to let Ciarran know that he was keen on Renee. Ciarran said he was fine with it, wished them well, and they returned to the banquet. But after one too many glasses of wine, shit hit the fan.

“I’m not a guy that thinks I own woman, but that’s definitely how it came across on TV. I’m not like that whatsoever,” Ciarran said.

He also shared that Bachelorette Angie Kentwho has been rightfully vocal about the men from her season ending up on Paradise, DM’d him for answers. She wasn’t keen on him or anything, she just wanted the truth about why Ciarran left her season of The Bachelorette. 

When Renee first entered Paradise, she claimed Ciarran messaged her during his time on Angie’s season, and that he left the show because he wanted to get back together with Renee.

Ciarran said he texted Renee because he felt like he had no one else to talk to about the passing of his nan.

“It was just the whole running back to Renee after I left the show [Angie’s season] and my nan didn’t die. I had people having a go at me saying, ‘I can’t believe you made up your nan died to leave the show.’

“I was like, ‘Are these people serious?’”

And finally, with Bachelor in Paradise all done and dusted, Ciarran has revealed that he’s currently single.

The end.