Jarrod Woodgate Rinses Ciarran Stott In New Interview, Spilling Major Tea From When They Met

In a recent ep of Bachelor In Paradise, Renee Barrett revealed that Ciarran Stott didn’t actually leave Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette to go to his grandmother’s funeral, after all.

Yep, turns out he actually yeeted himself from the show to see his now-ex, Renee.

The bombshell revelation was met with mega backlash and loads of punters have called Stott out for lying, including fellow Bachie star Jarrod Woodgate.

Speaking on the So Dramatic! podcast, Jarrod mentioned how Ciarran “came up with some excuse which was his Gran’s funeral which had apparently already happened before this moment.”

Credit: The Bachelorette

He said he doesn’t care for Ciarran due to the way he “used and abused [Angie] and also taken advantage of Renee.”

Jarrod, who previously dated Keira Maguire on-and-off for years, went on to reveal that his first encounter with Ciarran wasn’t so pleasant.

“The first conversation we had, he got on my bad side,” he said. “He started telling me how he had no affection for Angie and didn’t like her at all.”

He added, “And then he ended up having to come up with all these excuses and put on an act so Australia would still love him and he had to find a way to leave the mansion to go to Bali with Renee.”

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight at 7:30 and I’m assuming Jarrod will be hate-watching both his ex Keira and his rival Ciarran.