Someone Is Claiming To Have Slept With All 3 Jonas Brothers & Says ‘One’s Dick Is Far Supreme’

Goss guru Deuxmoi has prompted everyone to put their Jonas Brothers stan hat back on after sharing a wild message from a follower.

The message is from someone claiming to be the friend of a very lucky person who alleged they hooked up with all three brothers: Kevin, Joe and Nick.

“My BFF hooked up with all three Jonas Brothers… One’s dick is far supreme,” they wrote.

After Deuxmoi shared the DM, a fan tweeted the message and demanded that she ask which brother is the owner of the supreme peen, to which she responded: “I DMed them for the answer. Waiting…”

The tweet received a flurry of replies with people pondering which brother possesses the golden rod.

Folks have pointed out that all three brothers are married so how could this person have hooked up with all three of them?

My best guess is that the person who submitted the message is someone who either knows the brothers or at least travels in similar circles and therefore was in close proximity to all three lads at some stage.

Over the course of many years, it’s possible that they had the absolute pleasure of hooking up with each brother.

Nick got hitched to his wife Danielle in 2009, Joe married actress Sophie Turner 10 years later in 2019 and Nick married actress Priyanka Chopra a year before that in 2018.

As Deuxmoi later pointed out on Twitter, “seeing someone’s [eggplant emoji] does not automatically equate to only sex.”

This is a great point!

“Hooked up” also doesn’t necessarily mean they had sex either.

It could be someone who slept with one and macked on with the other two and saw/felt their peens but didn’t engage in the act.

Although Deux has reached out to the blessed human for more details, something tells me they either won’t reply or they’ll swear Deux to secrecy.

Either way, I’m positively burning up, both “for you baby” and over the prospect of seeing the delectable dongs (one of which is “supreme”) of all three Jonas Brothers.

Yes, my stan hat is officially back on. But can you ever really take it off?

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