Here’s Your First Emotional Glimpse At The Jonas Brothers’ Tell-All Doco

Jonas Brothers

Now that they’re back together and better than ever, the Jonas Brothers – Nick, Joe, and Kevin – have unveiled their next passion project, a documentary titled Chasing Happiness. As you may guess from that title, this is one for the feels because it charts the band’s early days all the way to their *wheeps* split, to their solo careers, marriages, and sacred reunion.

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“We went on a journey to get to a place where we were ready to do this together again. We held nothing back. That’s what you have to do when you’re #ChasingHappiness,” Nick captioned the trailer on social media.

It kicks off with the humble beginnings of the Jonas Brothers – in their dad’s church – to the moment everything changed when Disney signed them. After years of success, the brothers called it quits and if you’re not too familiar with their history, it was Nick’s decision to call donezo on the band in 2013.

“What hurt the most is that it came from Nick, he is my best friend,” Joe says of the breakup.

“There were moments where I thought, ‘They’re never going to speak to me again’,” Nick continues.

But, as the band’s manager Phil McIntyre, adds: “I think the brothers had to grow apart to be able to get perspective.” 

And that’s what they did. Cue the clips of their individual careers and the adorable home videos of the brothers and their partners / families – Nick and Priyanka Chopra, Joe and Sophie Turner, and Kevin, Danielle Jonas, and their wee cherubs.

A portion of the doco was also shot in Sydney, during the time when Joe was a coach on The Voice Australia. 

When the lads were on their big reunion press tour, Nick told Nova‘s Smallzy Surgery that “Australia is a big piece of the [reunion] puzzle.”

“At that point we had been filming the documentary for about two or three months, and we started to unpack everything [about the band],” he told Smallzy.

And look at ’em now.

Chasing Happiness premieres June 4 on Amazon Prime Video. 

The JoBros’ comeback album Happiness Begins will be out on June 7.