Bless Haley Lu Richardson For Freaking The Fuck Out At A Surprise Jonas Brother FaceTime Call

haley lu richardson nick jonas facetime

If you needed any more reason to deeply relate to Portia from The White Lotus season two, you’ll be glad to know that actor Haley Lu Richardson is a lifelong Jonas Brothers fan. So much so that when she wound up on a call with Nick Jonas she unceremoniously lost her shit, as all Jo-Bro stan would.

Richardson appeared on The Late Late Show on Thursday and told host James Corden all about her deep obsession with the Jonas Brothers. She explained one photo Corden showed of her teen self with the three brothers and noted Nick was her favourite. She explained she once tried to send a handmade tie to him because he was, and I quote, “in his tie phase”.

“She was in love with the Jonas Brothers,” she said.

“She waited for probably about three or four hours in line at a meet and greet line with her mother to meet Nick and Joe and Kevin.”

haley lu richardson jonas brothers white lotus portia
The energy in this photo. [Image: YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Cordern]
Corden then said the Jonas brothers were close friends of the show and joked that they “got in touch with Nick” about the tie.

“My heart just dropped,” Richardson said.

“Oh man. Could you text him though, if you’re such great friends?”

It ended up being an incredible bait and switch because Corden later whipped out his phone to a Facetime call from THE Nick Jonas so Richardson could chat with him.

The White Lotus actor, quite understandably, flipped out and swore the house down in equal parts disbelief and excitement. Babe, we get it. You’re one of us.

“Is this a prerecorded video?” she basically yelled.

“No, it isn’t,” Nick replied via phone. “I just finished…”

(Please note that Nick’s sentence was cut off by Richardson bent over double basically in hysterics at this point.)

“What did you just finish?” she squeaked.

“I just finished White Lotus last night,” he said.

Corden then asked if the tie Richardson had made for him “about 15 years ago” had ever made it to him and Nick — clearly hamming it up for the camera — said that he still has the tie.

Bless this entire moment for Haley Lu Richardson, she truly is a Portia just like the rest of us.