In Case You’ve Forgotten, Here’s Why Taylor Swift Has Sided With Sophie Turner Over Joe Jonas

By now you’ve probably all seen the pic that has broken the internet and no worries if not, I’ll take great pleasure in sharing it again. In all its splendour, here is Taylor Swift linked arm-in-arm with Sophie Turner in a united front against the patriarchy/getting dinner in New York City on Tuesday night:

Bloody hang it in the Louvre.

Of course it’s not hard to see why this image has set tongues wagging. Earlier this month on September 7, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas announced their plans to divorce after four years of marriage and two children together. And then to step out just weeks later with one of your ex-husbands very publicised former girlfriends – a coindidence? methinks not!

To truly understand the murky undercurrents of this A+ shade, it’s important that we embark in a history lesson. No, we won’t be rehashing the final movements of Franz Ferdinand before he was assassinated, it’s time to talk about real history. Pop culture history. Open your books you’re about to get schooled on Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner and the annals of society.

July 2008 – Taylor and Joe begin dating.

The year was 2008 and a 19-year-old Taylor Swift was emerging as one of the brightest new popstars on the music scene. Synonymously the Jonas Brothers were getting teen girls hot under the collar fresh off the heels of filming Disney’s Camp Rock. ‘Twas a gorgeous time to be alive and with their stars on the rise it made sense that Taylor and Joe would link up and start dating.

October, 2008 – Taylor and Joe break up.

Alas all good things must come to end. After a three month whirlwind relationship Taylor and Joe part ways. Upon reflection it is absolutely insane that they both went on to write multiple songs about each other after only being together for less than three months but I don’t make the rules, babes. This is Hollywood! Later Taylor would go on The Ellen Show to open up about how Joe broke up with her over the phone in a 25 second call. Tea!

November, 2008 – Taylor releases a song about Joe.

In classic Taylor behaviour she poured her heartbreak into her music and released a track ‘Forever & Always’ on the album Fearless. The song referenced her ill-fated relationship with Joe and centred around “watching somebody completely fade away in a relationship and wondering what you did wrong,” she said in an interview with PEOPLE at the time.

June, 2009 – Joe releases a song about taylor.

Not letting Taylor get the last word in, Joe took his opportunity to tell his side of the story (musically) when he released his own breakup anthem ‘Much Better’ recorded with his Jo Bros. The specific lyrics, “done with superstars and all the tears on her guitar,”  seemingly alluded to Taylor and her song ‘Teardrops on my Guitar.’ It’s like watching two theatre kids jump in a boxing ring but instead of punching each other they’re just singing really sad songs about their failed romance.

September, 2011 – Joe attends Taylor’s Speak Now concert.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Is it…growth?! After the pair had gotten all of the breakup songs out of their systems, it appeared they had mended the bridge in 2011 when Joe was spotted at Taylor’s Speak Now concert.

June, 2015 – Joe and Taylor go on a double date.

By mid 2015 Taylor and Joe were on such good terms they went on a fricken double date. At this point Joe was dating one of Taylor’s best friends, Gigi Hadid, and the Bad Blood singer was coupled up with DJ Calvin Harris. Here they are spotted casually cruising the Thames in London with model Karlie Kloss:

May, 2019 – Taylor and Sophie become friends.

So, after Joe and Gigi went their separate ways, there’s quite a break in comms regarding any Taylor Swift fraternising. That is to say they were both off doing their own thing. Joe married British actress Sophie Turner and Taylor was in a happy long-term relationship with actor, Joe Alwyn.

In May of 2019 the internet went into a bit of a frenzy when Taylor and Sophie appeared as guests on The Graham Norton Show together. The pair hugged, sipped bevvys and had a generally nice time. Following the public appearance Sophie told Extra, “She’s a really sweet girl. We’ve met a couple of times before. We’re friends. She definitely wasn’t fangirling over me. I fangirl over her.” 

November, 2021 – Joe and Sophie support Taylor on SNL.

When Taylor Swift stepped on to the Saturday Night Live to host in 2021, Joe and Sophie were in the audience to support her. By all accounts it would appear the three had become quite close – I mean you don’t just invite anyone to come watch you host SNL, do you?

September, 2023 – All hell breaks loose.

Early in September media caught wind if an impending breakdown of the relationship between Joe and Sophie. The whole world was in shock considering they seemed like one of the most airtight celebrity couples. In the weeks that followed their split there seemed to be a heavy-handed PR push to sully Sophie’s name and call in to question her character. As a result there was a decided backlash against Joe for allegedly trying to smear her name.

Then in the wake of their split, Sophie and Taylor – two of Joe’s exes – stepped out together in NYC. They wanted to be seen. It was a clear message – don’t mess with the queens. Oh to be a fly on the wall of that dinner.

I will be waiting on tenterhooks to see what these two have cooked up. Someone’s day of reckoning (or a really great album) is coming…

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