A Pic Of Jacob Elordi’s Curved Tongue Has Sent Horny Denizens Of The Internet Into A Soppy Spin

jacob elordi tongue

Aussie actor Jacob Elordi of Euphoria and The Kissing Booth fame has done a photoshoot for GQ Magazine and it has the girlies trembling in their seats. I am the girly in question. These chair legs can’t take this much movement!

The pic in question that has everyone in a horny puddle is of Jacob Elordi’s tongue. Yes, I wish I was joking.

As someone who doesn’t find Mr Elordi outrageously attractive, I must admit even I felt a thrumming sound from deep below when my eyes first locked onto that thing. There’s just a strange perfection to how it curves. It’s the kind of tongue that could make your body take a screenshot.

But hey, enough tongue-wagging from me, you probably came to see the slew of hot-ass pics.

There’s something about GQ Magazine photoshoots that makes me question everything I once believed. The same thing happened when they released those incredible pics of Robert Pattinson at the start of the year — something changed in me.

If those pics weren’t enough to convince you that Mr Elordi has charm, then the video of him fashionably sweating definitely won’t. Something about Jacob Elordi in motion just gives off villain vibes. Making him wet doesn’t change this!

During his interview with GQ Magazine, Elordi opened up about how after he moved to L.A. in 2017, he was living in and out of his car and friends’ places.

“I wasn’t booking jobs,” he said.

“I think I had — I don’t know, $400 or $800 left in my bank account, and Euphoria was my last audition before I went home for a little while to make some money and recuperate.

“My car was like a hoarder’s, stacked with boxes and coat hangers and things.”

He also admitted that after The Kissing Booth, he contemplated quitting acting after he received so much attention.

“I hated being a character to the public. I felt so far from myself,” he said.

“It felt like, all of a sudden, I was a poster. Like I was a billboard.

“It felt like it was for sale. Then my brain went through the fucking wringer. Like, I wasn’t sure if I was genuine. It really skews your view. It creates a very paranoid way of living.”

I leave you with this meme about Jacob Elordi’s tongue that absolutely sent me into the stratosphere.