Well, well, well: it certainly looks like the rumours about Euphoria‘s Jacob Elordi dating controversial nepotism baby Olivia Jade Giannulli are true.

Clues to Jacob Elordi’s sneaky link first surfaced in December last year, when he was spotted getting a coffee with the scandal-ridden YouTube star.

Now US Weekly has confirmed the two are an item, days after paps caught Olivia Jade leaving his place in LA wearing a hoodie, socks and no shoes.

“They both got out of relationships recently, so they’re not rushing into anything serious,” a source told the publication when the rumours first started.

“So far it’s going well and there’s sparks between them.”

Sorry to all the Aussie girlies vying for Jacob’s heart, but maybe if your parents bribe his agents you’ll have a chance.

If you’re not across the drama, Olivia Jade’s parents Full House star Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli were named in a high profile college admissions scandal in 2019.

Both her parents pleaded guilty to fraud charges after it was discovered they paid AUD$700,000 in bribes to get their two daughters into an elite university. Because why should rich people have to earn their place when they can just buy it, amirite??

Olivia Jade and her sister Isabella Giannulli have since fiercely defended their fraudulent parents, essentially evaporating any sympathy I may have had for them.

“I think just the hardest part of this entire thing was … watching and reading and seeing how horrible the media was to both you and Mum, and actually knowing you guys, and knowing Mum has the biggest heart,” sister Isabella told Olivia Jade in her podcast Conversations with Olivia Jade.

Ummm, having a big heart really doesn’t make up for bribing your way into the US education system. Especially when college admissions in America are so competitive. Forcing a place in would displace other, undoubtedly more deserving students and it’s actually just awful, entitled behaviour.

Basically, there is huge rich brat energy here.

But hey, clearly that doesn’t bother Jacob Elordi. He did go to notorious Melbourne boys private school St Kevins, so rich brat energy is something he’d be well used to.