Before all that Pascal Wallace shit happened in last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Harry Harris decided to leave the mansion after realising the connection just wasn’t there with either Elly or Becky Miles.

Despite starting off strong with the first impression country rose, things kind of fizzled out between Harry and Elly.

“We had a bit of a connection early on, but then as soon as I told her my age and that I had a son, it went a little downhill from there,” Harry, who is 10 years older than Elly, told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“She just had opportunities with other guys that were more her age, so she built a better connection with them.”

So Harry made the decision to leave the mansion on good terms.

Harry said he had no idea about there being two Bachelorettes on the show this year, adding that producers were supeerrrrr “tight-lipped” about the secret.

“I sort of went in there with an open mind, so I wasn’t that surprised. But all the boys were absolutely shocked, completely shocked, ‘cos everybody thought it was going to be Sharna [Burgess] from Dancing with the Stars,” he said.

Harry initially thought it might’ve been Sharna too, but nothing on Bachie could possibly be that easy to guess.

Earlier this month, an anonymous source (who kind of sounds like a petty ex-contestant) said the blokes were “really gutted” DWTS judge Sharna wasn’t the Bachelorette.

For context, it was all but locked in that Sharna was going to be the 2020 Bachelorette. She even revealed – after Elly and Becky were announced as the dual Bachelorettes – that producers came to her with the opportunity first, but she turned it down because it just didn’t feel right.

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“They really thought they had a celebrity and were somewhat underwhelmed with their choices,” the source told Woman’s Day.

Petty, petty, PETTY.

Anyway, The Bachelorette isn’t Harry Harris’ first time on Aussie screens ‘cos he competed on House Rules back in 2017. It was a completely different experience, though.

“I had my ex-partner Kate [Whiting] with me [on House Rules] and it was a building show, it was next level tough, it was a full-blown competition. Whereas with The Bachelorette, I was just going on to find love.

“It was so much fun, the girls were amazing, and the fellas were amazing.”

He added that there wasn’t much drama in the mansion… until Elly and Becky asked Pascal to leave for saying some straight-up bullshit things about them.

He also just didn’t know if Elly’s name was spelt “Elly” or “Ali”, like c’mon, mate.

Pascal has since hopped on Instagram, claiming that he copped the infamous villain edit.

But according to Harry, the editing’s been pretty accurate.

“There was a bit of drama last night, but it was all pretty much how it was,” he said.

Last night’s drama was blown a little out of proportion, he added, but Pascal did say what he did. I mean, we literally heard him say that the sisters kissed “everyone”, “throwing out kisses left, right and centre”.

Pascal, it’s The Bachelorette.

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