Tix For The Sydney Season Of Hamilton Went On Sale Today & 2020 Actually Gave Us This One

It was huge news when we found out hit musical Hamilton would be coming to Sydney as soon as next year. Now, the ticket presale has kicked off this morning, and fans are absolutely frothing the fact it went (mostly) without a hitch.

Obviously such a hugely popular musical was bound to have a swarm of punters descend upon the Ticketmaster website as soon as the clock struck 10 AM. Personal experience also tells us how likely these booking systems are to shit themselves at the most crucial of moments.

Thankfully, we had none of that today.

Sure, things did get off to a slightly rough start.


But then… success!


Most people (read: die-hard Hamilton fans) were nothing short of stoked.





Including one individual whose wife copped 4th row stats on her 21st birthday. Happy birthday!


If you missed out on the presale, the general sale starts on Tuesday, September 1 at 9 AM sharp. Be there.

Obviously, the musical’s a good six months away. Nothing’s touring at the moment while borders are sealed shut and large gatherings are not allowed.

So, in the meantime, we have Disney+ to curb our Hamilton cravings for the time being.

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