Fans Are Fuming After Sydney’s State Theatre Pulls A ‘Hamilton’ Bait & Switch

Hell hath no fury like a musical theatre fan scorned. Yesterday, Sydney‘s State Theatre dropped a hell of a tease – simply a photo of Lin Manuel Miranda and the promise of “something big” being announced the next day (that’s today, March 7), which sent musical theatre fans into a spiral.

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The post in question, which has since been removed:

(Credit: Facebook)

Could it be that Hamilton was finally about to make its first-ever appearance in Australia? It’s something that fans have been yearning for ever since the production hit Broadway in 2015.

In a word: no.

The State Theatre made its ~big announcement~ today that it was not going to be playing host to the maiden Aussie run of Hamilton. Hell, not even Lin Manuel Miranda was going to be showing up for a solo performance or anything. Nope, the theatre proudly announced that the musical theatre adaptation of Bring It On is coming over.

(Credit: Facebook)

An absolute bait and switch here, folks. It’s not even April 1 and a whole swathe of theatre fans have been mercilessly duped by a heritage-listed theatre, and let me tell ya, the punters were not stoked about it.

Both posts have since been removed from the State Theatre’s Facebook page, so I can only assume that this has backfired up the wazoo.

Granted, Lin Manuel Miranda did co-write and co-composed the soundtrack of the musical, but it’s a hell of a long bow to draw. It’s a stretch.

Regardless, if you want to go and see the Lin Manuel Miranda-soundtracked production loosely based on the 2000 cult teen flick Bring It On, then you’re in luck, it’ll be hitting Sydney’s State Theatre for a limited run in August, and you can sign up for the ticket waitlist over on the musical’s website.