The ‘Hamilton’ Movie Is Coming To Disney+ So You Can Stop Saving For A Ticket

I feel the same way about musical theatre as I feel about, say, really good diabolo juggling. I respect the dedication and talent required to pull it off, and I’d probably watch for a minute if I caught you doing it in a park, but I simply lack the genetic composition to really get it.

Imagine my surprise upon reading this Deadline report, which states Disney has acquired the rights to a Hamilton movie for US$75 million (AU$112 million) – potentially the largest-ever deal for a completed film in Hollywood history.

Once the flick is done in cinemas, it will hit Disney+, Deadline states.

The film is comprised of footage from three nights of the show’s original Broadway run, melded together with bonus shots to form a cohesive cinematic event. Tommy Kail, who helmed the show at New York City’s Richard Rodgers Theatre, also handled film duties.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the mastermind and star behind the entire project, big-upped the deal on Twitter this morning. Miranda is somehow as big a deal on Twitter as he is on Broadway, meaning the announcement was met with frightening excitement:

During its original run, Hamilton racked up a Pulitzer Prize, 11 Tony Awards, and at least one dose of ire from US President Donald Trump.  The stage play also coming to Australia in 2021, meaning you’ll conceivably be able to see it in person and on the screen in one day.

As for myself? Well, I have other things to attend to, like nursing my YouTube algorithm into showing me more shit like this: