In Some Nice News For A Change, Here’s Exactly When Hamilton Is Opening In Melbourne Next Year

Hamilton Melbourne
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We interrupt our scheduled programming on COVID-19’s ongoing assault on Melbourne to bring you some good news for a change. *Drum roll*: the Aussie production of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton the musical will officially premiere in Melbourne next year, which is surely enough time for the bastard virus to fuck off.

Hamilton Melbourne arrives at Her Majesty’s Theatre in March 2022, with tickets going on sale come July 19, 2021 through Ticketek Australia.

If you’re a Telstra Plus member, however, you will have access to some pre-sale tickets from 10am, June 24. That’s quite the advantage, if you ask me, so if you’re not a member of Telstra Plus, you can sign up for free right here.

Whispers of Hamilton Melbourne started doing the rounds last month, with some hinting that it would be announced around that time. But the news was apparently delayed because of the – you guessed it –  unpredictability of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Aussie production of Hamilton will continue its run with Jason Arrow as Alexander HamiltonLyndon Watts as Aaron BurrChloé Zuel as Eliza HamiltonAkina Edmonds as Angelica SchuylerMatu Ngaropo as George Washington, and Victory Ndukwe as the Marquis de LafayetteThomas Jefferson.

The Australian premiere of Hamilton took place at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre in March this year, with a slew of celebrities turning out for the Big Day, including Delta GoodremHannah Gadsby, and Keith Urban.

In no surprise whatsoever, Hamilton broke Aussie sale records with more than 250,000 tickets sold. And that was before its first show.

Appearing on The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald’s Please Explain podcast, the show’s original Broadway producer Jeffrey Seller confirmed the record number for musical theatre ticket sales in Australia.

“We’re not just confident [that audiences will see the show], we are sure of it because we know how many tickets we have sold,” Seller said.

“It’s the largest advance in the history of Australia.”

Well, alrighty then.

Aussie production aside for the moment, the original Hamilton – the one with Lin-Manuel Miranda – is available to stream over and over again on Disney+ now.

The filmed version of the Broadway smash co-starred the very cool Daveed DiggsRenée Elise Goldsberry, and Jonathan Groff (who just loves to spit in it).

Check it out on Disney+ here.