Jetstar’s Fanging Over 200,000 Cheapo Flights From $35 So Perhaps It’s Time To Practise Calling In Sick

If you’re a big fan of fleeing your responsibilities and yeeting yourself off onto a plane as your primary mode of therapy, listen up. 1) Get better coping mechanisms, dude! Or don’t. I’m not your psychologist, and 2) Jetstar are slinging a bunch of flights for HELLA cheap — but you’ve only got six days to jump on it.

So pull up your impulsive socks, start practising your ‘calling in sick’ speech, and dive into these cheap AF flights.

The Mates’ Rates Sale launched midnight on Thursday and will run for six days. It’ll see the prices of more than 200,000 airfares slashed in a ‘yuuuge flash sale. Best of all? Tickets start at only $35.

The cozzie livs might be getting us good, but you can pry my disgusting plane meal from my cold, dead (poor) hands.

If you’re in Sydney, you can fill that culture void and head off to Melbourne from $62. But if the winter blues are hitting you a bit too hard this year (AKA you’re a sad sack like me who hasn’t left their bed for approximately five weeks), you can head off north for some good old vitamin D (no, not that kind, Mary) and head to Cairns from $110.

Melbourne hotties could live out their White Lotus fantasies (Australian style) and jet off to Hamilton Island from $119. But if you decide you need to be in Newcastle for some god-forsaken reason, you could also do that for $59, I guess.

If you want to launch yourself into the Cinque Terre, Italia, of Australia — the Gold Coast — and party it up with a bunch of 19-year-olds, you can also do that on the cheap, with flights costing $49 if you’re travelling from Sydney or $54 if you’re coming from Melbs.

The travel dates for the flights vary, but most of ’em are between July and December. The sale ends next Tuesday, so it’s best you jump on these bad boys pronto.

Here are some of the winners of Jetstar’s Mates’ Rates Sale:

From Sydney

  • Sydney to Melbourne from $62
  • Sydney to Uluru from $89
  • Sydney to Ballina Byron from $35

From Melbourne

  • Melbourne to Sydney from $62
  • Melbourne to Hobart from $46
  • Melbourne to Hamilton Island from $119

From Brisbane

  • Brisbane to Perth from $149
  • Brisbane to Sydney from $59
  • Brisbane to Darwin from $106

From Adelaide

  • Adelaide to Melbourne from $49
  • Adelaide to Gold Coast from $89
    Adelaide to Hobart from $75

From Perth

  • Perth to Sydney from $169
  • Perth to Melbourne from $175
  • Perth to Brisbane from $149

From Hobart

  • Hobart to Melbourne from $49
  • Hobart to Gold Coast from $99
  • Hobart to Sydney from $69

From Darwin

  • Darwin to Cairns from $149
  • Darwin to Sydney from $158
  • Darwin to Brisbane from $106

From Canberra

  • Canberra to Melbourne from $59 (that’s literally it, sorry Canberrans)