SHAKAS FOREVER: Jetstar Are Doing Their Absurdly Cheap $279 Hawaii Flights Again

Yes to burst your bubble real quick, this is for Sydney and Melbourne only. Sorry. For those of you still with me – holy crap guys! Feel like a cheeky trip to Honolulu? Now’s the time, with RETURN flights on Jetstar starting from $279.

[jwplayer yDhB3Imc]

If you live in Sydney and can carve out a little time from work in October to November this year, or January to February next year for you Melbourne folks, then go buy a fare via IKnowThePilot immediately if not sooner. Yes, I’m fully aware this is Hawaii’s winter, but I had a quick Google for you, you’re still looking at high temperatures of around 30 degrees. THAT is beach weather, friends.

That is you and a cocktail in a coconut shell living your best life pool and/or beachside, probably with flowers in your hair. Because, commit.

If that image isn’t enough, please know that an hour drive from Honolulu you will find the Mermaid Caves in Waianae and they are literally the most magical things I have ever stepped in to.

The flights are direct, so no nasty surprises there. Jetstar is obvi a low-cost carrier so you will have to pay extra if you want checked baggage or meals on the plane, but come on that’s still insanely cheap to me.

I am not kidding when I say I have the ‘buy now’ tab open as I write this. Once they’re sold out, that’s it, they done. So go buy now and think later.