White Lotus’ Mike White & Jennifer Coolidge Say They’d Be Bloody Stoked For An Aussie Season

White Lotus Season 4 may be shot in Australia after mike white and jennifer coolidge spoke at vivid sydney

Director of the hit show White Lotus and the man Jennifer Coolidge credits with her comeback as an actress, Mike White has hinted at Australia being the filming location for the series’ fourth season.

During a press conference for Vivid Festival in Sydney this week, the 52-year-old gave a clear indication that Australia was front of mind when it came to choosing the next place to dramatically kill off a bunch of fictional yahoos.

“My dream would be to like hit every continent,” he began per Variety.

“This [Australia] is like its own continent, basically. We kind of have to come to Australia if we keep going. It would be so fun.

“Obviously there’s a huge wealth of talent here and the beauty is inarguable, so, yea, it feels like it checks all the boxes.”

Couldn’t agree more, Mike, We do indeed have a huge wealth of talent.

I mean, just yesterday 10,000 people stood in Federation Square and played the kazoo simultaneously. If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is.

We also have some pretty sweet showbiz talent. I guess…

Sitting beside him at the press conference was Australia’s adoptive mother, Ms Coolidge herself, who also voiced her support.

“[Sydney] really is like a fairytale,” the 61-year-old said.

Then, when asked if she had any picks for an ideal prequel location, she responded with “Australia gets my vote”.

A White Lotus prequel set in Australia would also be the perfect way to re-introduce Aussie actor Murray Bartlett who played Armond in the first season.

“It’s a funny idea,” Mike agreed.

“And making Jennifer, you know, 20 years younger, that would be fun too.”

Picture the scene.

Armond is managing a White Lotus resort in Byron Bay or some shit.

Tanya is staying at the hotel but because of conflicting priorities, the two characters never cross paths and end up going on separate journeys throughout the season.

We also get to see Armond’s first (and possibly only) love which obviously ends in tragedy, forcing him to turn states and head to Hawaii as he rebuilds his life.

Oh, and he takes another shit in someone’s suitcase. It would turn out to be a recurring thing for him.