7 Of The Best (And Horniest) Moments From Jennifer Coolidge Chatting To Jeremy Allen White

jennifer coolidge jeremy allen white

Say what you want about your favourite Hollywood stud, but to me there is nobody sexier (looks-wise and personality-wise) than Jennifer Coolidge and Jeremy Allen White. They’re just so chill and good at what they do, and that to me is HOT. Now imagine putting the two of them in a room together and asking them to chat on camera. Chemistry off the CHARTS.

That’s exactly what Variety did for its latest instalment in the Actor on Actor series, where two accomplished actors chat to each other. And yes, the chemistry was indeed electric. Things were heating up in that kitchen.

I watched the entire thing (I couldn’t look away TBH), so here are the best bits for you to take away from the chat. A gift, from me to you.

Jennifer Coolidge professes her love for angry chefs

Anyone who has worked in hospitality will know that the angry chef (despite being an asshole) had a bit of sexy charm to him.

Jennifer Coolidge admits that she found Jeremy Allen White’s character in The Bear to be quite hot (didn’t we all, honestly?), but also confesses to falling for many “angry chef” types back in the day.

“There’s something about a man that can do something fast and… I feel inferior,” she said.

“There were a lot of chefs in my life.”

I’ve never related to her more in my life.

Jennifer Coolidge feels as if she missed an opportunity in the 90s

Jeremy Allen White was so interested in Coolidge’s life that the whole convo just flowed really easily — at one point Coolidge even spoke quite candidly about her regrets in life.

“I made a terrible mistake of not riding a wave I had in the 90s,” she said, referencing her burst of fame from movies like Legally Blonde, Cinderella Story, American Pie and Best In Show.

According to Coolidge, she missed out on making the most of this time in her career because she didn’t have an agent to look after her and also ‘cos she “started pursuing guys”.

“I felt like this cool thing was happening and then I was just wasting time with silly things,” she said.

“I was behind the wheel and could have manipulated it to a better outcome.”

Jeremy Allen White’s hairstylist has a Jennifer Coolidge candle

At the start of the interview, White tells Coolidge that he stares at her face all the time because his hairstylist has a candle with her face on it.

It was a pretty funny thing to admit, but I would also love it if he told me where to find one for myself.

Jennifer Coolidge talks about her iconic The White Lotus S2 line

Coolidge revealed in the interview that she had no idea her line “These gays, they’re trying to murder me” would become so popular.

However she absolutely adores how the line has been so beloved in the queer community.

Jennifer Coolidge talks about her hopes for White Lotus S3

The one thing Coolidge wishes for The White Lotus Season Three is for Greg (Jon Gries) to die an extreme death for what he did to Tanya.

“He should end up in a meat grinder or something,” she said.

“Maybe [Tanya] could come back as a seagull and poke Greg’s eyes out.”

Jeremy Allen White talks about how The Bear was filmed

White told Coolidge that the directors behind The Bear shot every scene in one to two takes, which produced that unprofessional, anxious feeling on-screen.

Things were imperfect on purpose to really replicate being in a kitchen, sweating bullets and being stressed beyond all belief.

Jennifer Coolidge says Mike White based Tanya on her

According to Coolidge, The White Lotus director Mike White got the idea for the show while on an expensive tour of the Serengeti.

The two of them were surrounded by incredibly rich white people with a whole plethora of personalities and problems.

However White also got the idea for the character of Tanya from Coolidge herself.

Coolidge described her behaviour out in the real world as “inept”, and said the bumbling clumsiness of Tanya is very much like how she is IRL.

You can watch the full Actors on Actors interview for Variety below.