A Deuxmoi Spy Claims Jennifer Coolidge Trashes Hotel Rooms And There’s Evidence On Her Insta

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Hold onto your hotdogs, friends, ‘cos the Saint Nicholas of gossip Deuxmoi has shared a spicy new rumour about our queen Jennifer Coolidge, and it isn’t exactly positive. Can celebrities please act normal for two seconds? I need to live out my flawless luxury life vicariously through them and it’s really hard when they do weird shit.

A little rat gave Pied Piper Deuxmoi some anon tea about Coolidge’s hotel habits. No, not the ones we adore from The White Lotus — apparently Coolidge is a bit of a messy binch, and not in the fun way.

“Word on the street is that our favourite MILF is an absolute nightmare to deal with at hotels,” the anonymous blind read.

The all-caps “MILF” is simply sending me. I get that the wicked whisperers of Deuxmoi like to be heavy-handed with their hints, but that really sent me express delivery.

“She came to a midwestern film fest at the end of March and completely trashed her hotel room,” they continued.

“Friends that work at the hotel said she proceeded to tell them that the room should be comped because of how famous she is.”

For my own psyche, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read that. Sure, leaving hotel rooms isn’t the worst sin in the world, but it definitely reveals qualities of the individual’s character. Qualities that, in my mind at least, would not apply to Jennifer Coolidge, mother of the gays, breaker of chains and queen of the milfs.

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(Source: Instagram @deuxmoi).

Unfortunately for us, there’s actually a little bit of evidence on Jennifer Coolidge’s Instagram that she loves to leave her hotel rooms in an absolute mess of a state. God, PLEASE don’t let this be true.

Sure, someone is going to clean up after you, but why go out of your way to MAKE a heap of mess?

Jennifer Coolidge
Ma’am pick up your SHIT (I say from a den of folded clothes I refuse to put away). [Source: Instagram @jennifercoolidge].
Praying this rumour is just an exaggeration from someone trying to knock Jennifer Coolidge’s image down a peg.

I refuse to believe this generous queen gives no fucks about hotel staff workers. I refuse!!!