Grab Your Cozzie & Your Mates ‘Cos Jetstar’s Doing $99 Flights To Bali Until Midnight Tonight

Grab the SPF50 and your budgy smugglers ‘cos Jetstar is doing cheap as flights to Bali, but only till midnight on Friday.

The “Un-Bali-vable Fare Frenzy” — their pun not mine, thanks — features one way flights ranging from $99 to $125. Pretty good if you ask me.

Look, I think we’re all in desperate need of a holiday. I write this to you from my leaky Inner West Sydney sharehouse, the broken blinds letting in the occasional valiant glimmer of sunshine that has somehow battled through the grey clouds.

The thought of grabbing my cozzie and jumping on a plane to Bali just brought near tears to my eyes. Oh, to fling my pale, sad body onto the crisp sands of Nusa Dua Beach and slam a Pina Colada with the girls … I can taste the Banana Boys sunscreen on my lips already.

You can score flights to Denpasar Airport from Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin and Sydney in the sale. It’s only on until Friday March 4 at 11.59pm AEDT and seats are limited, so get your Type A friend to DM the groupchat immediately.

Jetstar hasn’t done flights to Bali since the Before Times of early 2020. Plus, the island didn’t reopen its borders to international travellers until February 4.

If you’ve had two or more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll need to quarantine for three days in a hotel when you arrive. You’ll also need to take a PCR test on day one and day three.

Kiddos under 12 don’t been to be vaccinated to enter Indonesia. But kids between 12-17 who aren’t vaxxed might be required to complete their vaccinations while in quarantine, as per Smartraveller.

Jetstar’s sale includes flights for holidays throughout the year, starting in May and ending in early December. Whether you’re planning an escape from Australia’s grim winter or a spring revival, fun in the sun is awaiting you.

Classically, you’ll have to splurge extra for checked baggage. But really what do you need other than a cozzie, sunnies, your Birkenstocks and maybe a spare pair of socks and undies?