OOF: Jetstar Is Doing Flights For $22 Right Now To Celebrate 22/2/22 AKA Twosday

jetstar twosday sale cheap flights

It’s Twosday, my dudes. The ultimate Twosday, in fact. It’s 22/02/22 and it’s fallen on a Tuesday, like some kind of divine blessing. With this Perfect Tues-Twos-day comes a very good treat: cheap flights.

There are no surprises here — it’s a palindromic day and the brands are jumping on it with absolute glee. For this particular treat, Jetstar has decided to slash its domestic flights down to — you guessed it — $22 a pop.

The 24-hour sale kicked off this morning as the clock struck midnight which immediately crashed the site as Aussies were scrambling to score a good deal on one of the 22,000-odd flights going for cheap.

Wanna go from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in spring? That’ll be $22. Or how about Sydney to Uluru in November? Only $22 thanks. Perhaps you’re thinking about a little jaunt from Mackay to Brisbane? Hand over your finest $22 and you’re locked in for a pre-summer sojourn.

At about halfway through the Twosday-long sale, a lot of the flights have already been filled up. So if you’re wanting to book a little trip between mid-October and late November, you’ll have to act fast to get yourself a seat on the plane.

The Twosday sale flights are all for travel between October 11 and November 25, which is a perfect time to have a little escape before the silly season really kicks in — or maybe to kick into summer with just the right energy.

There’s barely even time to think about hitting up the group chat, you could really just drop a cheeky $100 on the online sale and buy tickets for you and whoever’s keen to get away with you.

As is tradition with flying Jetstar, these flights are one way only and don’t include checked baggage. So if you’re a chronic over-packer you’ll either have to rein it in or tack on some extras so you can take those 12 pairs of undies for that three-day weekend trip (y’know, in case you piss yourself every day).