A Fan Has Guessed The Title For ‘Jurassic World 3’ & Please God Let It Be “Parks And Rex”

jurassic world 3

A diehard Jurassic Park fan (no, not myself) has correctly guessed the title of the franchise’s sixth instalment during a casual Twitter conversation.

Screenwriter and director Colin Trevorrow responded to a thread in which fans of the franchise discussed theories for the film’s title, confirming that “somebody in this thread actually got it.”

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So far, the film has simply been referred to as Jurassic World 3, and honestly I wouldn’t have been surprised if they went with the numbered title again after they randomly gave us Jurassic Park 3 despite all of the other films having subtitles like The Lost World or Fallen Kingdom. 

Trevorrow, who has been the man behind the series since the initial reboot in 2015, first caused speculation when he confirmed that there was, in fact, a confirmed title. But the man still refuses to tell us what the fuck that title is.

The director confirmed that the film will not be titled Jurassic World: Extinction, like many fans thought. So we know what it ISN’T, but that still leaves us with a 25 possible titles for me to dwell on every single day until they tell us.

You know, just a measly 25 options. Nothing crazy.

Some of the suggestions seemed very possible, with fans convinced that A New Era and Edge of Chaos are the most likely options.

Other options like Jurassic World: Survival are also not out of the realm of possibilities.

There were also a tonne of responses that fell into the absolutely-not-but-I-really-fucking-hope-so category.

The six film in the overall franchise is set to be released in 2021, likely being called A New Era or Edge of Chaos. The team behind the film are keeping pretty tight-lipped about the plot, but we know it’ll pick up after the events of Fallen Kingdom, so expect velociraptors and shit running rampant through America.
We also know that Baby Yoda-fiend Laura Dern will be reprising her role as Ellie Sadler and Sam Neill is dusting off his Alan Grant boots, which is bound to make for a spectacular film in itself. Fa
Production for the film is set to kick off this year in British Columbia, Malta, Pinewood Studios and Hawaii, with the film expected to hit theatres in summer 2021 (American summer, that is).
The Hawaiian location could potentially allude to the idea of the animals being returned to some sort of tropical island to wrap up the sixth instalment in the series, which is way better than the idea of them all dying a brutal death.
We’ll be sure to update you whenever the title is officially confirmed. Until then, I will be exclusively referring to it as Jurassic World: Woman Inherits The Earth.