Trump Demands Apology From Hamilton Cast After Mike Pence Incident

Yesterday, it was reported that Mike Pence, notorious for his opposition to same-sex marriage and his support of pray away the gay camps, received a frosty reception at a Broadway performance of the musical Hamilton

The vice president elect was booed by large sections of the crowd, and at one point, actor Brandon Dixon addressed him from the stage, urging his future administration to protect “diverse America” and “work on behalf of all of us.” 
President elect Donald Trump, who now seems to have control of his Twitter account again, took to social media overnight demand an apology from the cast, saying that their display was “very rude” to Pence. 

Katy Perry quickly fired back at Trump:
Meanwhile, Lin-Manel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, took to Twitter to praise Dixon for taking a stand and “leading with love”: 

In the 17 hours since it was posted, the video of Dixon’s speech has been viewed more than 10 million times. Here it is again, in case you missed it:

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Supplied.