Furious Chrissy Teigen Goes In On Trump Over ‘Hamilton’ Hypocrisy

The always-outspoken Chrissy Teigen has gone on a Twitter tirade against president elect Donald Trump, slamming the hypocrisy of his response to the Hamilton drama that’s been brewing all weekend. 
In case you somehow missed it, Trump’s vice presidential pick, the notoriously anti-gay Mike Pence, was booed at a Broadway performance of the show, and at one point, cast member Brandon Dixon addressed him from the stage. 
Trump took to Twitter to demand an apology from the cast, saying that Pence was unfairly harassed at the performance, adding that “the theatre must always be a safe and special place.”
The disingenuousness of this statement was a bit too much for Teigen to take, and she took to Twitter to slam the president elect, saying: 
“Wow @realdonaldtrump is right. I can’t believe they would subject poor, innocent Mike Pence to such abhorrent, evil hate speech. … Look who wants a fucking safe space now. The very thing [he] and his supporters make fun of as liberal political correctness. God, what a POS.”

Earlier in the day, Trump himself Tweeted that he had paid out $25 million to settle a series of class action fraud lawsuits against his Trump University, but Teigen accused him of using the Hamilton incident as a way to distract from this:

“Donald knows very well what he is doing. He knows the Hamilton speech was NBD. He knows his tweet will fire both sides up to distract from the 25 million dollar settlement of yesterday. Most conniving human on planet earth.”

The suits alleged that Trump University had misled more than 6000 students and failed to deliver on key promises in courses that cost up to $US 35,000. Trump claimed that he settled so he could “focus on our country.”
Teigen also questioned how long Trump voters would be able to put up with his term in office, saying:
“Interested to see if [Trump] supporters will be able to criticize the inevitable dumpster fire that will ultimately be his actual presidency.”
The model, who briefly made her Twitter public to make the statements, has since set it back to private. 
Source: Variety.
Photo: Donna Ward / Getty.