‘Hamilton’ Audience Evacuates Theatre After Confusion Over “Active Shooter”


A San Francisco performance of Hamilton ended in mass panic on Friday night after at least one person shouted “gun”, causing an evacuation of the Orpheum Theatre. 

CBS News reports a woman had actually suffered a medical emergency at the same time a gun was fired on stage as part of the musical. An audience member then activated the theatre’s fire pull station, Orpheum Theatre tweeted.

“The audience and cast followed the life/safety system’s automatic announcement and exited the theatre,” the theatre said. 

The woman, who is now reportedly in a critical condition in hospital, had suffered a heart attack.

“Someone in the theatre saw her and thought she was shot. In a matter of seconds, we all took cover,” CBS Sacramento reporter Shirin Rajee, who was watching the show, tweeted afterwards.

Rajee believes the audience started to“self-evaluate” in “fear of an active shooter”. 

Speaking to NBC, San Francisco Police Captain Renee Pagano said “There was no one with a gun, there were no shots fired, at the end it was a medical emergency.”