Gwyneth Paltrow Partook In Vogue’s 73 Questions And It Was As Chaotic As You’d Expect It To Be

gwyneth paltrow vogue 73 questions

Gwyneth Paltrow has done it again, folks. If we’re not talking about what her vagina smells like, tastes like, or looks like, we’re losing our minds over another kooky revelation made by Ms Goopinator. On today’s episode, the problematic queen has shared that she uses her Academy Award statuette as a doorstop.

Good Goop. This woman truly is an enigma.

The tidbit came by way of a Vogue “73 Questions” video — also known as the birthplace of many memes — and I’m honestly surprised Gwyneth hasn’t featured in one of these before now.

In the 16-minute video, the actress-turned-wellness entrepreneur toured the cameraman around her Hamptons abode in honour of her company Goop’s 15th anniversary. Everyone say “Happy Birthday, Goop”.

It was all very boujee, from her fucking ‘yuge veggie patch to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and yet viewers are hooked on the very casual way Gwyneth’s Oscar made a feature.

As she showed the cameraman through an open gate to another area of her sprawling garden, the camera paused briefly to take note of what was holding the gate open.

“What a beautiful Academy Award,” the cameraman expressed.

“My doorstop!” Gwyneth exclaimed. “It works perfectly.”

She then went on to talk about her time on Glee, as she should, because her rendition of CeeLo Green‘s Fuck You really did a number on my 11-year-old brain. Director said “Take five”, Gwyneth heard “Change lives”.

While we are under no illusion that Gwyneth actually uses her Oscar statuette — which she won as 1999’s Best Actress for Shakespeare in Love — as a doorstop, it seems some people have taken the quip as gospel.

As such, a rep for the 51-year-old was forced to set the record straight in a statement to Variety.

“Of course, it’s a joke,” they told the publication, citing a New York Times interview in which the actress mentioned her Academy Award lives in her home in Amagansett, New York.

But in the public’s defence, the woman literally released a candle that allegedly smells like her orgasm, so forgive us for thinking her latest bizarro move was real, too.