We Finally Know The Answer To The Age-Old Question: Does Gwyneth Paltrow Eat Ass?

The world is full of mysteries. What is the meaning of life? Who killed JFK? Where is the lost city of Atlantis? And many, many more. But while we’re all waiting patiently for those deep, fascinating mysteries to be solved, we’ve finally discovered the answer to another curiosity. The age-old question: Does Gwyneth Paltrow eat ass?

On Saturday local time, Goop queen Gwyneth hosted a little Q&A session on her Instagram Stories with her eight million IG followers. Along with some regular questions asking about what her iPhone lock screen is, Gwynnie must have been in a silly-goofy mood because she started answering some rogue ones.

“You got a little homo in you or nah?” an anonymous user asked.

Instead of answering outright, she just replied: “These questions are epic.”

Of course, this garnered even more cheeky questions for the star.

“Do you lick ass Gwyneth? Xx,” another asked.

“Not generally, no,” she responded.

(Image Source: Instagram / Gwyneth Paltrow @gwynethpaltrow)

Considering the Shallow Hal star has over 8 million followers on IG, I’m sure she had a plethora of questions to choose from. But she chose this one and we salute her for it.

What I love about her response is that it’s not an outright no. Analingus might not be Gwynnie’s favourite in-bed activity to make someone goop, but she’s not ruling it out.

Generally, she steers clear, but who knows what the future will hold?

I love that for her.