A Bunch Of Glee Stars Have Slammed The Docuseries & Revealed Why They Refused To Take Part

Discovery+ and ID have announced they’re churning out a docuseries called The Price of Glee, charting the fucked up behind-the-scenes happenings of the hit series Glee.

Following the release of the trailer, a bunch of Glee stars have called out the docuseries.

Actor Kevin McHale told InTouch that he planned on correcting inaccuracies in the docuseries “if we feel like we need to” or “if there’s anything glaring.”

“You don’t necessarily want to give something more attention than it maybe deserves or needs,” he explained.

“But we’ll see. Us and all of our friends have nothing to do with it, so we’ll see what happens.”

He also called the series “trash” on Twitter.

“Show me this ‘cast’ you speak of,” he demanded. “This was the nice version, ftr. Don’t make me speak on this again.”

Jenna Ushkowitz also slammed the docuseries in an interview with BuzzFeed.

“We’re just choosing to look at the good moments that we’ve had and all the joy that it did bring to us, and to the people who watched around the world,” she said in regards to her and Kevin’s And That’s What You REALLY Missed podcast.

“In terms of the Discovery+ documentary, it feels even more important, to me at least, to do the podcast because we were the ones who were there. And we were the ones experiencing this. And we know what really happened,” she added.

“So, you know, for me, it feels even more pertinent to actually be the ones to share our experience when people are sharing experiences that they didn’t have.”

She later told InTouch that she and Kevin were “not really associated with it.”

“We were there and we experienced it and we just wanna show people what it was really like being there,” she added.

Becca Tobin revealed she’d also been approached to appear in the doco while speaking on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino.

“There’s somebody out there who’s trying desperately to put together a documentary or a tell-all or something or other who keeps contacting us relentlessly,” she revealed.

“Here’s the thing though, this is why it will never happen. It doesn’t matter what happened on that set. At the end of the day it’s a family. It’s like a big dysfunctional family and there is a loyalty there. Like mob mentality. Where I’m like I don’t care how much I hated this person at work. There’s something that runs so deep in my blood that I could hate you so much, but I don’t hate you enough. I don’t hate us enough to go do that.”

Falling For Christmas star Chord Overstreet referred to the docuseries as “bullshit” in an interview on the Elvis Duran Show.

“I think anybody that knows anything about that show and experienced it doesn’t have anything to do with that from what I know,” he said.

“We’re all really close and pretty much like family. Nobody knows anything about that. I think it’s a little bit of like just trying to get people to watch something.”

“I don’t think anybody really knows anything about it. I think it’s just like a tabloid thing trying to sell,” he said.

And finally, Chris Colfer said he has no interest in revisiting bad memories from the show.

“I think there is a lot about my time on Glee that I would love to discuss in detail,” he said during an interview with KTLA 5 Morning News.

“Not just about the drama everyone knows about but also my time on the show and what it was like to be an out teenager in this industry, back then.”

“I’ve had many opportunities to do it and I just feel like my books are doing so well and I’m making so many families happy right now,” he added in response to questions about writing about the show. “So, why go back and relive some painful memories?”

Here’s everything we know about the hotly anticipated docuseries about the most cursed series in history.

What is the Glee docuseries about?

The three-part docuseries includes interviews with cast and crew members, featuring first-hand never-before-heard stories from the making of the show which aired between 2009 and 2015.

There will also be testimonials of close family and friends of the cast and production crew.

The docuseries will discuss the highs including the smash success of the series and the many, many lows.

Is there a trailer?

Sure is! Have a watch below:

Which Glee controversies and scandals will be covered?

According to Variety, the series will discuss the death of Cory Monteith (who played Finn) who passed away from an accidental heroin overdose in 2013.

It will also discuss the allegations that lead star Lea Michele (who played Rachel Berry) bullied co-stars and contributed to a toxic work environment.

Another topic to be covered that occurred after the show ended was the death of actress Naya Rivera (who played Santana Lopez), who died in 2020 on a boating trip.

Where can I watch the Glee docuseries?

Discovery+ and ID are known for producing compelling true-crime docos including the recently released and much talked about docuseries The House of Hammer, which covered the controversy surrounding actor Armie Hammer.

It’ll likely air on Foxtel and BINGE.

When is the Glee docuseries being released?

There’s currently no release date for the docuseries. Stay tuned, fam!