Farmer Wants A Wife’s Anna Responds To Rumours That Claim She Got ‘Cosy’ With Another Farmer

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 might be over, but the post-reality TV tea is continuing to spill! This time, the hot goss involves runner-up and fan-favourite Anna Wilson, a Season 10 farmer, and a cheeky Reddit post that claims they were “getting cosy” recently. Spicy, spicy, spicy.

In this year’s season of Farmer Wants A Wife, Anna made a long-lasting impression on viewers during her quest to win Farmer Dustin‘s heart. Despite being unsuccessful in her Farmer Wants A Wife journey, the 28-year-old midwife was a hit with the fans, with many asking for a spin-off starring her.

However, it’s now rumoured that Anna might’ve found a farmer, just not the one she was gunning for on the show.

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Last week, a Redditor — who posts under u/Red_bug91 — claimed that they “have it on very, very good authority” that Anna and Season 10’s Farmer Alex were “getting very cosy” last weekend.

“Alex no longer lives on the family farm, and Anna is working in a town that’s a little under two hours drive from him,” the Redditor wrote, later claiming that they “run in the same circles” as the farmer.

“The person who I got this information from said that they were very flirtatious. They also said that Anna is a really nice person and has a good sense of humour.”

Anna & Farmer Alex
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Farmer Wants A Wife‘s Anna responds to rumours she’s dating Farmer Alex

Days after the Reddit post was made, both Anna and Alex shut down the dating rumours.

In a statement to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the 2024 Farmer Wants A Wife fan-favourite shared that Farmer Alex is “one of [her] brother’s mates”.

“There is absolutely nothing to report on there!” Anna told the publication.

Farmer Alex also backed up what Anna said, claiming that he knew her through her brother.

“I’m definitely not dating Australia’s little golden girl midwife. I went to school with her brother and have known her and her family for years,” he told the publication.

Well, there you have it. Unfortunately, the fan-favourite has yet to find her other half.

Despite calls for Anna to be handed her own reality TV show, the beloved Farmer Wants A Wife contestant mentioned that she doesn’t want to capitalise on her new-found fame.

But I must say, if The Bachelorette ever came back, I would love for her to give it a swing!

Image source: Channel Seven / Farmer Wants A Wife