Remember When Doja Cat Said Her Animated Crush Is *Checks Notes* Hopper From A Bug’s Life?

Doja Cat stares thirstily at Hopper from A Bug's Life.

Every now and then celebrity interviews resurface that are just so iconic, I wonder how I forgot about them. Enter Doja Cat, who upon being asked about her 30 animated crushes, decides to name… Hopper. As in the evil capitalist grasshopper from Pixar’s A Bugs Life. It’s certainly a choice.

Earlier this year in June, purveyor of chaos (and not always the good kind) Doja Cat was playing 21 questions with MTV News when she was asked if she had any animated crushes.

Obviously she said yes, because who doesn’t, before saying she has like, 30 of them. Which is also totally fine and normal, since I am endlessly crushing on the dad in Raya and The Last Dragon. Disney did *not* have to go that hard.

Doja then reveals one of the 30 characters she is crushing on, and you’d think she’d name some popular anime character, perhaps. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know any, but other typical answers regarding hot animated characters are (adult) Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon, or Kovu from Lion King. Yes, he’s a lion and yes, everyone is obsessed with him.

But no. Instead, Doja said she has a crush on… Hopper. From A Bug’s Life. As in, this guy:

Doja Cat says she has a crush on animated character Hopper from a bug's life.
Image: Disney/Pixar

Yes, Kevin Spacey as a crusty ass bug who exploits the working class is Doja Cat’s animated crush.

And this was the first character she thought of, out of her 30 options. I simply cannot.

She then goes on to say “he does things to me” and girl, the only thing Hopper should be making you feel is a radical urge for class war. (For those of you watching from home, A Bug’s Life is literally about ants seizing the means of production from their capitalist overlords, the grasshoppers).

I mean, at least this wack ass choice is on brand for Doja, if nothing else.