Doja Cat Says Her Social Media Was Hacked By Someone Trying To Start A War With Iggy Azalea

Scarlet artist Doja Cat has had a cooked start to Tuesday morning after a hacker took over her X (formerly Twitter) account. And this time, the hacker is going for Doja’s fellow rap girlies.

One thing I absolutely admire about Doja is her craft in internet shitposting despite being a ‘yuge celebrity. We rarely get an A-lister sharing a bunch of wild shit online, and thankfully, the “Agora Hills” singer is one of those who does.

However, in a cursed turn of events, a hacker has seemingly taken over her X account. A place where she often shares her hot takes and interacts/fights with her fans.

Thankfully, before people pointed fingers and accused Doja of being the author of these buck wild posts, the “Woman” singer took to her Instagram to confirm that she was indeed hacked.

“These messages are not from me,” the rapper confirmed.

(Image source: Instagram / @dojacat)

Before Doja sounded the alarm, stans were left scratching their heads over the out-of-pocket posts that were made on her X account.

Let’s take a quick scroll through, shall we?

During the hacker’s tirade on Doja’s account, they attempted to start beef with her fellow rapping peers Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj.

(Image source: X / @DojaCat)
(Image source: X / @DojaCat)

Although Nicki has yet to respond, Iggy clapped back stating that she’s cool with Doja in real life.

(Image source: X / @DojaCat)

Amongst the attempts to start a new rap feud — because we have so many already — the hacker also appeared to be pushing some kind of bitcoin like it was in the early 2020s.

(Image source: X / @DojaCat)

As of writing, Doja’s X account has had its OG username, verification badge and its profile picture completely nixed.

Why can’t hackers get into a bank and give us free money or something? Yawn bloody yawn!!!

Image source: Getty Images / Joseph Okpako/WireImage