Doja Cat Drops ‘Say So’ Music Video Ft. The Viral TikToker Who Started The Whole Damn Thing

Doja Cat released the music video for her viral TikTok track ‘Say So’, featuring the TikToker responsible for its virality. This makes me emotional, either because it feels like a super full-circle moment – and we love to see queens supporting queens – or because it’s a Friday afternoon and I’m tired. Probably both.

When Doja dropped the visuals earlier today, which serves some ultra 70s Hollywood Hills vibes and includes several iconic lewks that I’ll be unsuccessfully attempting to recreate in my day-to-day life, many were quick to notice that a) Doja’s choreography included the viral TikTok dance, and b) a certain Haley Sharpe was in the final disco scenes.

Haley, who boasts a casual 1.2 million followers and 41 million likes, is arguably responsible for the genesis of the success of “Say So”, after creating some moves that turned into a viral craze, recreated by the likes of James Charles and Charli D’Amelio. And as we’ve learnt time and time again (I’m looking at you Lil Nas X and Lizzo), TikTok trends are now a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a song’s chart success.

@yodelinghaleyHERE IT IS!! the full say so dance????????♬ say so by doja cat – yodelinghaley

Long story short, having her in the video just feels right.

We simply love to see it. Check out the video below, which has already garnered close to 3 million views in the 14 hours since its premiere.

Doja is thriving in 2020 and finally receiving the attention she deserves. About bloody time.