Pass The Fkn Sage Stick ’Coz There’s Definitely A Demon In The Background Of This TikTok

A TikTok user has gone viral after fans found what is *definitely* a cursed demon in the background of his wholesome dancing video.

Like pretty much everyone else on TikTok right now, Reuben (@reubix_cube) shared a video of him shamelessly busting a move to Doja Cat’s Say So.

Prior to the whole cursed demon situation, Reuben had

“Lmao I’m home alone so I learned a TikTok dance. Love u Doja but what has my life come to?” He captioned the video, blissfully unaware that he had summoned a fucking demon in the background.

@reubix_cubelmao i’m home alone so i learned a tiktok dance. lov u doja but what has my life come to? ##musiclives ##positivevibes ##sayso ##qurantine ##boredathome♬ Say So – Doja Cat

But instead of focussing on his killer dance moves, viewers were quick to point out the terrifying figure that is watching him from the staircase.

tiktok demon

The video quickly amassed a whopping 1.8 million views, with over 8,000 comments from people wondering what the actual fuck this cursed demon actually is.

“The amount of anxiety I have from this video. That’s someone literally poking their head to look at you,” one user wrote.

“It’s 4.45am and I’m definitely not sleeping anymore,” another commented.

Others hazarded guesses as to what is haunting this poor man’s house, including one user who said it “looks like a child’s head, no ma’am.”

“Ok so I zoomed in and it looks like a possum but with a hat on,” another user humourously added. A. POSSUM. BUT. WITH. A. HAT. ON.

Reuben then shared a follow up, quickly pointing out that he was unaware of the demon before viewers pointed it out.

@reubix_cubereuploading bc TikTok just deleted the video. please don’t report i need answers!! you can’t see it in this video but check the original ##paranormal♬ Say So – Doja Cat

The poor, now-cursed man received a tonne of backlash from people claiming this was a hoax and that he was doing it for the clout. Honestly, no amount of clout is worth summoning a hat-wearing possum demon.

Reuben has since shared a Q&A on his account, explaining that he doesn’t have a cat (or any pets), has really creaky stairs and was definitely home alone when he was filming this.

@reubix_cubeQ&A speedround 1

♬ original sound – reubix_cube

He may be cursed for the rest of his life, there *might* be a terrifying demon haunting his dreams, but at least he gained 60,000 TikTok followers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to panic-buy some sage and cleanse my eyeballs after watching this cursed video.

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