Practice Yr ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ Moves ‘Coz Millie Bobby Brown Just Made It A Thing Again

hoedown throwdown

Millie Bobby Brown has just brought back the Hoedown Throwdown and I simply demand that we make this the next TikTok dance challenge.

The Stranger Things star was a wee little five-year-old when the Hannah Montana Movie hit theatres in 2009, but she has made it clear that she wasn’t too young to enjoy the cinematic masterpiece.

“Still remember my hoedown throwdown,” she captioned the video with the hashtag #number1fan.

In addition to the video, Millie Bobby Brown also shared an incredible throwback photo wearing a triple-threat combo of double denim, a pink cowboy hat and ugg boots.

We simply can’t help but love a 16-year-old doing normal 16-year-old things like learning those perfectly-choreographed Disney dances. MBB is a role model for teens, and I’m seriously hoping her influence results in the Hoedown Throwdown becoming ~a thing~ again.

There’s a whole library of iconic dance routines from the 90s and early 00s to teach yourself in isolation. From those iconic Disney Channel dance-a-longs to old school Britney Spears music videos, there’s more than enough to keep you fit and occupied for as long as we’re forced to stay inside.

So… Does this mean that the Hoedown Throwdown is cool again? If famous 16-year-olds are still doing the iconic dance nearly a decade after we learned it in our childhood bedrooms, that means it’s perfectly acceptable for all of us to spend our Saturday nights practicing our zig-zag across the floor, right?