Happy Mardi Gras To The Power Rangers’ Social Media Manager & Absolutely No One Else

Now, I’m not pointing any fingers, I’m not naming any names, but I know one of you Power Rangers folk gave the gay office intern free rein of your Twitter account. In which case, I will find you and deliver you a big hug, as this is the most iconic pairing of all time.

In light of the Lady Gaga’s upcoming tune ‘Stupid Love’, the account came out as an official Gaga stan. “Not sure if we should fight this monster or stan this monster,” @PowerRangers commented underneath Gaga’s flick.

“Just consulted with Zordon,” the account later confirmed, “and we have no choice but to stan.”

Now, I’m not going claim that you can identify one’s sexuality solely by their use of vernacular, but I’m also not not going to claim that the person responsible for these tweets is currently sipping an ice coffee while mentally prepping for Mardi Gras this weekend.

Either way, Twitter was quick to praise the Power Rangers’ taste.

In the account’s own words “we have no choice but to stan”. I must find the mastermind Tweeter and go to Stonewall with them. That is all.

Stream “Stupid Love” for clear skin.