The New Power Rangers Suits Are Trading Lycra For Whatever The Fuck This Is

Your childhood? Give it a lil’ kissy. Because that shit’s heading bin-ward.

The it’s-happening-whether-you-like-it-or-not reboot of the much beloved 90s moral panic series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers continues to drip feed the new and interesting ways they’ve found to “modernise” (read: ruin) the OG show’s original aesthetic.
We’ve already seen the weird, Poison Ivy-like getup that Elizabeth Banks has been poured into for her role as omnipotent villain Rita Repulsa. But today’s the first time we’ve been able to cop a squiz at what the actual Rangers themselves will look like. And, well…

…it’s morphin’ time?

Ditching lycra for something that looks like it was constructed from offcuts at Stark Industries, the new suits are apparently “translucent extraterrestrial armour that crystallises around their bodies.”
Christ alive.
The cast, at the very least, maintains the hyper-anglo character names of the original, with Red Ranger Jason, Blue Ranger Billy, Black Ranger Zack, Pink Ranger Kimberly, and Yellow Ranger Trini all returning.
The new look is apparently due to a desire to set the new film apart from other superhero film franchises (sans Iron Man and the entire Avengers franchise, apparently). Production designer Andrew Menzies states of them:

“Ours is an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made. You can’t win everyone over, but we are trying to appeal to a more mature audience and gain new fans.”


Just cross your fingers and hope that they’ve decided to keep the whole “they shoot sparks when they get hit” thing.
Photo: Entertainment Weekly/Twitter.