Lady Gaga Is Unleashing A New Single This Weekend & My Disco Stick Is Rock Hard

Lady Gaga

GOOD NEWS: Lady Gaga is releasing a new song this week. It’s called Stupid Love, and it’s officially part of LG6 otherwise known as Gaga’s sixth studio album. [Yells dramatically] IT’S HAPPENING.

This is obviously not the first time we’re hearing about LG6 as Gaga has openly shared that she’s been working on the album. And let us never forget Gaga’s glorious response to those pregnancy rumours last year, in which she tweeted, “Rumours I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6”. Incredible.

Back to the new tune, Gaga announced it on her social channels this morning. She posted a picture of a billboard featuring the song’s title and artwork.

Stupid Love is slated for release this Friday at Midnight ET.

We’ve yet to cop an official album title, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. Said fans have zero’d in on the word “Chromatica”, which appears in both the artwork and copyright details on the billboard. Chromatica could absolutely be the album title – the fans, they tend to be right.

As for Stupid Love itself, somebody bloody leaked it last month. It went boonta on Twitter before it was promptly scrapped from the internet. Gaga didn’t explicitly call people out for it, but she did tweet a subtle message that shits on us all.

All of this aside, it’s been a bloody huge couple of years for Gaga, following A Star is Born and its slew of awards including an Oscar for best original song. Not to mention her hectic Las Vegas residency show Enigma and the introduction of her beauty label Haus Laboratories. LG6 will undoubtedly be a brand new chapter for Gaga, and I can’t wait to see where it takes her.

[Chants quietly] LG6, LG6, LG6, LG6, LG6.