Local goss rag New Idea published a wild report recently, claiming that a celebrity version of MAFS is coming v. soon.

Someone claiming to be a producer at Endemol Shine, the production company responsible for Married At First Sight, told the publication that they’re currently discussing the possibility of launching a celebrity MAFS.

“If we want the show to keep going, we need to be bold and change things up,” the source told the mag, adding that the show is intended to rival the freshly announced Celebrity Big Brother over at Seven.

“A celebrity edition is exactly what MAFS needs – it’s a tried and tested format,” says the source.

They went on to reveal that there are currently top line discussions happening about which celebs would be a perfect fit for the show and the following local stars came up: Richard Reid, Yvie Jones, Ash Williams, Tully Smyth, Harry T and Paulini Curuenavuli.

The insider claims that the idea for the show “only became a possibility due to celebs in Australia already putting their hands up to take part in the experiment”.

“The truth is, the show has made some of the participants household names, and now some household names need a career boost,” the said, adding, “that’s the MAFS machine!”.

Meanwhile one of the aforementioned celebs who has been “mentioned” as an ideal pick for the show, ex Gogglebox babe Yvie Jones, has said hell to the fucking no to the potential of joining the show.

Taking to Instagram, Yvie Jones wrote “Hahahaha AS IF,” along with a vomit GIF. I mean, who could blame her considering the calibre of men that have appeared on the show, especially this year?

What, you want her to sign up and find her equivalent of Bryce Ruthven? Yeah, hard pass on that one.