Nine has called bullshit on the rumour that MAFS producers have been approaching widows to sign up for the 2023 season of the controversial dating show.

A recent report from Yahoo! Lifestyle claimed that producers had reached out to several women whose partners had recently passed away and asked if they wanted to sign on.

A friend of one of the alleged widows slammed the show’s recruiting tactics, telling the site: “They are looking for a widow and literally messaging all the ladies that she knows that have and are going through this trauma and some are very recent.”

Nine has since denied these reports by releasing a statement via Daily Mail Australia.

The statement read: “The casting of the next season of MAFS is not targeting those who have recently lost their partner.”

According to the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, casting is well underway for the 2023 season of MAFS.

One source who spoke to the poddy claimed MAFS producers had emailed them asking them to audition for the new season.

Apparently the producers are intent on having more diversity on the show so they’ve reached out to some POC content creators and TikTokers to see if they’re interested in signing on.

It was also revealed that the rumoured Celebrity MAFS season has been shitcanned ‘cos they couldn’t find enough celebs to sign up.

An unnamed celeb who was in talks to star in the new season revealed to So Dramatic!: “I’ve been told it will not be featuring celebrities anymore. They’ve had to hold it because they didn’t have enough interest.”

It’s most intriguing that they’re planning on shaking things up for 2023. I’m very keen to see how it all plays out!