Brooke Blurton Confirmed That She’s *Not* Back On The Dating Apps & Phew, Love Is Still Real

Brooke Blurton denies dating app rumours

Brooke Blurton has confirmed that she is *not* back on dating apps post-Bachelorette and thank fuck for that, because I have to believe she finds love on this show. I HAVE to.

So Dramatic! gossip guru Megan Pustetto revealed screenshots of a dating profile that appeared to be Brooke’s earlier this week, prompting speculation that the Bachelorette star didn’t have the happy ending we thought she did.

Previously, Brooke said she did indeed find the love of her life on the show, and that they are happily coupled up.  This tracks with sightings of her apparently moving in with one of her contestants — I won’t spoil who, but you can click that link to see for yourself.

But then, an ‘active’ profile of Brooke was spotted on dating app Fitafy, which caused speculation about her potentially having broken up with the person she chose at the end of filming.

brooke blurton so dramatic
Image: So Dramatic!

Personally, I didn’t buy it — Brooke cares a lot about her season and its ratings, and I don’t think she would mess it up by spoiling her singledom to eagle-eyed fans. It just seems like a silly mistake to make, especially given reports that she was really upset about Konrad Bien-Stephen‘s public pash with Abbie Chatfield because she felt spoilers were the reason her season has such low ratings.

Plus, as fans pointed out, the dating profile says Brooke is 25 when she is 26 years old and the location says Western Australia when she is currently in Melbourne.

Brooke took to Instagram to put a pin in the rumours once and for all, saying “you’ve got to be fucking kidding” and rolling her eyes at the speculation.

Brooke Blurton confirms she is not on dating apps.
Image: Brooke Blurton / Instagram

Blessed as this info is, if the sightings of Brooke and her alleged boo are to be believed, the cat’s out of the bag anyway.