A Couple More ~Rumoured~ Celebs Have Been Added To The Already Bonkers Big Brother VIP Cast

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Well, Katie Hopkins has officially been yeeted out of the country (bye bitch!!!), but according to sneaky reports, there may be another international star making their way Down Under for Big Brother VIP (unless they’re already in hotel quarantine, hopefully treating the staff with respect).

So we already known Caitlyn Jenner is in town for the show (at least that’s what the word on the street is), and some radio tea has revealed that MAFS star Jessika Power and How I Met Your Mother king Neil Patrick Harris have been scouted for the show.

Now here’s a coupla more names to add to the list. According to the goss mongers at The WashVanderpump Rules legend Jax Taylor and Home & Away lad Lincoln Younes have been linked to the revived reality show.

The publication posted a bunch of piccies of the rumoured Big Brother VIP line-up and under Lincoln, they wrote “tipped by Woman’s Day” and under Jax, they pointed out that he ~mysteriously~ started following the Big Brother Australia Instagram account, which is v. unusual considering it doesn’t even air over in the States.

You’ll recognise Lincoln Younes as one of the River Boys on Home & Away, a.k.a. the gang that rolled up to Summer Bay one year with their fake tatts and grumpy looks and frightened the living daylights out of the locals.

Lincoln’s gone on to star in a bunch of Hollywood roles including the Eva Longoria-produced series Grand Hotel.

Lincoln Younes (left) as one of the feared River Boys. (Credit: Seven)

And as for Jax Taylor, he famously got ousted from Vanderpump Rules not too long ago and he’s been promising a return to reality telly ever since. So given that intel and the fact that he’s just started following the page on Instagram, it’s not too much of a stab in the dark to assume that he might be involved.

Jax Taylor had long been the leader of Vanderpump Rules before copping the boot. (Credit: Bravo)

Woman’s Day previously reported that celebs have been frothing to join the new rendition of Celebrity Big Brother ever since it was announced.

“Celebrity agents are falling over themselves to cast their talent,” a Big Brother insider told the publication.

“This revamped celebrity format will be on our screens before the end of the year.”

Big Brother VIP is coming soon to Seven.