Big Brother Producers Are Reportedly ‘Freaking Out’ As Another ‘Big’ Star Only Lasted A Few Eps

The Big Brother VIP teaser has been out for just shy of 24 hours and there’s already abject chaos going on in the house (or the hotel), according to insiders.

Yesterday, arguably the show’s biggest star, Caitlyn Jenner, who was flown in from California, much to the dismay of Aussies who are pissed that she nabbed a flight into the country when so many Aussies are stranded overseas, revealed she’s already been sent home.

It turns out she only lasted for one week before being booted out of the Big Brother House, which is a ‘yuge waste of money and resources, don’t ya think?

And now, another one of the show’s overseas stars has been yeeted back to the States: former Trump aide Omarosa Newman.

With filming only halfway completed, producers are said to be panicking there won’t be enough big-name talent to get folks excited about the show.

An insider told the Daily Mail Australia that Big Brother VIP producers are allegedly “freaking out” over losing two big stars (???) so soon.

“Endemol Shine Australia [the production company behind Big Brother] is freaking out. They’ve lost their two biggest tickets,” the insider said.

“Caitlyn is already back in the U.S. and Omarosa was sent home not long after.”

Jenner, 71, and Omarosa, 47, are believed to have only filmed a few episodes of the controversial Big Brother VIP, despite being the highlight of the teaser.

The producers are said to be “doing everything they can” to keep their other international ‘celebrity’, Thomas Markle Jr, in the house for as long as possible “so there is still some overseas interest.”

A second source refuted these claims, saying the show was “an absolute killer show in the making” and that its cast had exceeded all expectations.

Peep the first bombshell teaser below: