Another ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Has Just Been Revealed & It’s A Fkn Mummy Blogger

big brother mummy blogger

Our third Big Brother Australia housemate has been revealed and oh god, she’s a mummy blogger.

According to TV Black Box, the third housemate to be named in this season of Big Brother Australia is Zoe George, who describes herself as:

“Mother. Wife. Writer. Teacher. Funny. Honest. Energetic. Prankster. Subtle as a brick in the face.”

So far, we know that Zoe has two kids and a husband outside of the BB house, which seems to work with Big Brother’s new vibe of not-just a bunch of young, single 20-something-year-olds.

Zoe joins the other two housemates that TV Black Box’s streaming show The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show have named as part of their inside scoop on the upcoming reboot. So far, former AFL star Daniel Gorringe and some guy named Ian W from Perth have been named as potential housemates.

According to TV Black Box, the entire cast list has been leaked to former winner Benjamin Norris (the ‘Ben’ part of The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show), so if we’re taking his word for it, we can expect Zoe on our screens real soon.

Obviously, this is all just speculation at this point. But at least one housemate will be officially named in the 7 News broadcast on Sunday night.

Big Brother Australia is set to air in June on Channel 7. We’ll be sure to update you with housemate announcements as they’re confirmed.