Great, Now Katie Hopkins Is Making Herself A Martyr For Flagrantly Violating Quarantine Rules

Katie Hopkins Instagram post

The world’s most pathetic excuse for a celebrity, Katie Hopkins, has started posting her way out of her ordeal after she was deported from Australia over brazen (and indecent) hotel quarantine breaches.

Hopkins was taken by police to Sydney airport on Monday afternoon before flying home, annoyingly, in business class. But not before she made two final Instagram posts to double down on her shitty behaviour.

“You may ‘deport’ the Hopkins. But you cannot silence the truth,” she wrote in a now-deleted post.

“We will fight to TAKE BACK our freedoms.”

It’s not clear if Hopkins is specifically referring to the supposed freedom of flashing hotel quarantine workers, or the supposed freedom of potentially exposing them to a deadly virus. We’ll never know.

In a comment, she added: “It’s ok. I put myself out there. I need to suck it up. But I do hope the #BeKind hypocrisy is exposed.”

Again, it’s not clear how enforcing pretty reasonable health requirements is hypocritical. It’s hard to be kind to someone who boasts about deliberately flouting quarantine restrictions.

However after making the post in the early hours of the morning (Aussie time, which is presumably no longer relevant to Hopkins) she suddenly deleted it without an explanation.

Hopkins was deported after her quarantine antics became public knowledge. It also caused her to be booted from the upcoming cast of Big Brother VIP, which is why she was in Sydney in the first place.

Channel 7  apparently got the NSW Government to lobby for her visa on “economic grounds” which, aside from being a total farce when 35,000 Aussies remain stranded overseas, has turned out to be a complete waste seeing as she didn’t even make it past the  mandatory hotel quarantine stage.

Overnight, Hopkins also made another Insta post featuring herself in a MAGA hat entitled “How To Survive A Media Sh*tstorm”. (The asterisk is hers, not ours.)

“Don’t read about yourself,” was one of the bullet points.

“That’s juts weird. You were there, you know what went down. It is unlikely the word ‘flouting’ was involved.”

Katie, if you are in fact reading this, sincerely fuck off and never, ever rear your head in Australia (or anywhere, preferably) again.