Omarosa Spilled Bulk Tea About Her Big Brother VIP Housemates In A Spicy Aussie Radio Interview

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Big Brother VIP kicked off last night with a bloody bang and there’s already a heap of controversy surrounding the most cursed reality show to ever grace our screens (which is really saying something!).

As we know, the show was pre-filmed and so the cooked contestants have already been yeeted home, including one Omarosa Manigault Newman (a former aide to Donald Trump).

To support the series launch, Omarosa had a chat with Nova radio station Smallzy’s Surgery this morning about some of the wild stuff that went down in the Big Brother Hotel. In particular, she took aim at her fellow contestants, Thomas Markle Junior and Caitlyn Jenner and exposed some of their behaviour.

She started off by saying what we were all thinking: Thomas Markle Junior “made a whole career off his sister!”

“I didn’t even know she had a brother, of course I heard about the shenanigans of her father and her half sister but I never knew Thomas and he admitted that he had done a lot in the UK but not in the US, nobody would interview him in the US,” she said.

“It was very interesting to get to know him and see how he operates, he’s made a whole career of his sister and that’s just how it is.”

She went on to praise Meghan and slam Thomas for being an absolute turd of a human.

“Well let me just answer it this way, I actually met Megan several times in Hollywood over the years, she’s lovely,” Omarosa said. “I met her at a community service event, her mum, they’re just wonderful people so it’s really hard to listen to Thomas say all these terrible things about her when I’ve met her myself and then to come to realise that he hasn’t actually spent much time with her so how much do you trust what he’s saying? I don’t think he seen her in 10 years maybe.”

She also ripped into reality star Caitlyn Jenner over an interview she partook in.

“She gave an interview to the Daily Mail and said that her whole plan the whole time was to attack me on the show and I was a little surprised by that because I was looking forward to getting to know Caitlin but instead I got to know Karen,” she said.

“She was just terrible, it was shocking.”

Big Brother VIP continues tonight on Seven. To see what you’ve missed so far, have a read of our round-up of last night’s batshit moments.