There’s no doubt that the upcoming season of controversial reality show Big Brother VIP is going to be absolutely batshit and just in case you needed proof of this fact, host Sonia Kruger has said so.

Old mate Sonia told Channel Seven over the weekend that “worldwide headlines” will emerge from the show that features a host of bizarre stars (and I use the word ‘stars’ loosely).

She didn’t give specifics into what kind of “worldwide headlines” would be made or which of the talent will be involved, she just teased that we’re in for a wild one, and finally Sonia Kruger and I agree on something.

The series is already dominating the headlines for its odd casting choices, including Katie Hopkins who was yeeted back home after flouting hotel quarantine rules.

It was recently revealed that reality star Caitlyn Jenner and former Trump aide Omarosa Newman, arguably two of the most famous contestants on the show, had already been sent packing, just days into filming.

An insider told the Daily Mail Australia that Big Brother VIP producers are allegedly “freaking out” over losing two big stars (???) so soon.

“Endemol Shine Australia [the production company behind Big Brother] is freaking out. They’ve lost their two biggest tickets,” the insider said.

“Caitlyn is already back in the U.S. and Omarosa was sent home not long after.”

The producers are said to be “doing everything they can” to keep their other international ‘celebrity’, Thomas Markle Jr, in the house for as long as possible “so there is still some overseas interest.”

A second source refuted these claims, saying the show was “an absolute killer show in the making” and that its cast had exceeded all expectations.

Would that second source be Sonia Kruger, by any chance?

Peep the first bombshell teaser below: